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How about TAPI functionality? Then you could use ContactPad with just any phone-system that has a TAPI driver. At this point I would mention AVM's line of Fritz!Box products. :-)

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  • AdminJim Oskarsson (CEO / Founder, ContactPad) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Joachim,

    We looked into TAPI last year but decided not to move on with it.

    The main reason is that TAPI is old and complicated technique. We want ContactPad to be an app that is easy to install and configure.

    Secondly the integration with snom deskphones work very well. So we though - why invest a lot of time in supporting every other phone? We think that snom phones are high quality products and they have a big market share.

    Could you please describe why the current integration with snom phones do not work for you? Maybe we can find a solution for you and your customers. You are welcome to email me at jim@itstod.se.

    Thanks and regards,

    Jim /ContactPad team

  • Joachim Slabbaert commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If we would have TAPI support, we would really make ContactPad a default option for our PBX customers (a few thousand phones running today).

    Could you inform us what the status is of this TAPI project?

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